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100 Words on Media Purging

It has now been three months since dropping all social media except LinkedIn.  No Facebook, Twitter, or others.  I felt some apprehension, endured some ridicule, and heard some dissent from others.

How do I feel now?  In a word, Indifferent.

It was not revolutionarily nor was it detrimental to my career or relationships.  Everything remains static.  I still call, email, and text people.  I still post on LinkedIn.  Am I missing Social Media drama? Am I missing amazing professional opportunities?  Are there people I am no longer connected with I miss?

Maybe, but that is likely your opinion; not mine.

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100 Words on Knowledge

I have been “cautioned” over the years about giving away free knowledge through blogs, social media posts, and articles.  While disguised as advice, their intent has always appeared to come from a hidden agenda to package my thoughts and sell them to the highest bidder.  My intent has always been to be thought provoking and to engage in discussions around the digital challenges that face humanity.  Action is more likely when driven by internal motivation rather than external direction.  For Cyber Security challenges, I am sure we agree that we need all the help we can get, free or otherwise.

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100 Words on Actions

There are two crucial steps in achieving adequate cyber security.  The first is moving from ignorance to awareness.  The second is moving from awareness to action.  Many would agree that getting the visibility we lack is critical, making the first step achievable through awareness activities, education, and readily-available tools.  Unfortunately, achieving the second step can seem impossible when, despite having all the information before us, we fail to act, rendering the achievement of awareness moot.  Knowing where you are does not guarantee knowing how to get where you need to be, but we must begin somewhere to eventually arrive there.