Digitally Vicarious is owned and maintained by independent and agnostic Australian Information Assurance Specialist Logan Daley.  This blog doesn’t focus on just technology, but rather the people that use it, rely on it, and who are addicted to it.  We are also freelance writers available to help you write about the humanity and technology that surrounds us.


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We enjoy writing about the highs and lows of how technology has revolutionised our world, our lives, and our interpersonal relationships.  We’re willing to take on nearly any writing challenge that piques our interest, such as blogging, copywriting, proofreading , and even re-writing entire articles for you!  The written word is one of the most powerful inventions of humanity; harnessing its power and leveraging it to your advantage is imperative.

Featured: Our article in the March 2018 edition of ARN:ARNMagazine

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This is a project we produced with the assistance of the great team at Data#3


“The 100 Words Project”

What began as a simple thought has now become “The 100 Words Project” where we condense an idea, a blog, or an article into exactly 100 words, no more and no less.  Our goal is to make a point in a paragraph that only takes a minute to read.  Please check out this section of the site.

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Until recently, we published our articles exclusively on LinkedIn.  In April of 2018, we moved all of our content here and instead share the links through several channels.  You can find all of these articles in the “Our Writings” section of this site. To help find what you are looking for, they are categorised and searchable.
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